Welcome to the JFFK Website

The purpose of this website is to change public policy in Ireland. The way we do this is by coalescing sufficient numbers of new and existing Fianna Fáil members behind specific policy objectives.

If you have a new idea or policy objective, we want to hear from you. This is your chance to contribute. We will publish your submission right here.

How we do it

Fianna Fáil is the largest political party in Ireland in terms of membership and local government councillors.  Many of its policies are originated from the ground up by the general membership of the party.  The party is hungry for new people and new ideas. As Micheál Martin says “As part of our rebuilding process over the last number of years, Fianna Fáil have made it clear that we welcome new people and new ideas.”

With enough membership support we can ensure that new national policy objectives can become an integral part of Fianna Fáil policy.  We can make a formal policy suggestion to party headquarters.  Or we can submit a motion to the Ard Fheis which will be voted on by attendees.

Local issues or concerns can also be on this progressed on this website.

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