Road Tolling in a Repulic of Equals - Part 4

After the next general election there will be discussions among parties to form a new government. The abolition of road tolls will not be on the agenda.

The Political and Personal numbers behind Road Tolling

Political Numbers

After the next general election there will be discussions among parties to form a new government. The abolition of road tolls will not be on the agenda.  None of the major political parties have a stated interest in getting rid of road tolls.  I want to change this, starting with my own party – Fianna Fáil.

Like other parties Fianna Fáil has expressed zero interest in abolishing tolls but Fianna Fáil is very interested in winning seats in the next general election. There are around 11 constituencies directly affected by road tolls throughout the country. With a ‘toll free’ policy Fianna Fáil could win a lot of seats. So I want to send them a clear unambiguous signal – kill tolls and win seats. I have figured out a way to send this message to my party. I want to sign up as many people as I can to join Fianna Fáil on this particular policy issue via my website:

My guess is that as few as 200 new members would be sufficient to influence Fianna Fáil. Remember Louth is a test case.  It can be repeated across the 11 constituencies that are affected by road tolls. This adds up to over 2000 members nationally.  That’s big news!

Personal Numbers

Judging by the traffic statistics from and census data we can estimate that there are between 10 and 15 thousand Louth residents using the toll to go to work. They are spending about €1,000 per annum. I’m asking them to take a chance on me and Fianna Fáil.  I’m asking them to pay a membership fee of €50. They don’t have to do anything else.  It is a great deal.  For a small fee those that sign up could save tens of thousands over a lifetime.

Similarly there are many in Drogheda who would agree that the toll is a blight on our town. I’m asking them to do the same thing. Take a chance.

I only need a small proportion of them to join FF via

Other Political Parties

If you are a member or supporter of another political party please do has I am doing.  Join me. Try to get people to join your party on this issue.  Copy any of the material from my website or from this series of articles on Drogheda Life. Competition between political parties to be the first to insert road toll abolition into their party manifestos would be a great thing for Drogheda and Louth.

And Finally

I am not interested in pointless protesting or moaning about road tolls. I am only interested in success, in winning. You can help make this happen. This is a plan that can work with your help. Together we can achieve something special. Join us!

Article Author
John Kierans

John Kierans is from Drogheda and lives with his wife and four children in Termonfeckin. John is a self employed stockbroker based in Drogheda. His company started in 1998 in the trading pits of the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) in Dublin and New York. John is a former national Decathlon champion and holds 2 national masters records set in Britain and Austria in 2003.