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Why should I Join Fianna Fáil?

To make things happen you have to do stuff.  In this case you have to join Fianna Fáil.  It may seem like an unnatural thing to do for you.  Many people think that to join a political party you have to be a bit of a nutter or that you have to go around with the letters FF stamped on your forehead.  Nobody in Fianna Fáil agrees with all of our policies.  Members are not robots.  The truth is that within Fianna Fáil there are as many different opinions as there are members.  Democracy is a messy and difficult business full of disappointments and compromises.  If you are going to join a political party you have to accept this.

Perhaps you can find reasons why you might object to joining Fianna Fáil. But then again, you could probably find reasons not to join any of Irelands political parties.

There are too many in our community that are happy to complain and reluctant to act.  This is your opportunity to act. Please take it, we need your help.

Our strength is in the size of our membership.

What does being a member mean?

Paid up members are entitled attend and vote at party meetings on various motions. They can also vote in selection conventions for local councillors and Teachta Dála (TDs). You also be able to vote in the election for a new leader for the party.

Some members take a very low key noncommittal approach to the party. Some are even secret or closet members. Others are more active, dipping in and out of activity depending on the circumstance / issue


Membership cost €50 for three years. You will be entitled to vote after a 12 month probationary period.

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